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Vision & Value

People are the most prized assets of TAK. Each individual in team TAK is a vital cog in the overall operations and organization. To achieve timely delivery and to address quality of products, individuals have clearly identified roles that are programmed according to the design process from concept, schematic, leading to contract documentation phases.

In the current business climate where global reach is a given in any transaction, global exposure and a keen knowledge of events are necessary to arrive at rational business decisions. Access to the latest information in technology is equally important for a design office to be relevant to the building industry and to the market.

In achieving the level of professionalism, TAK endeavors to be staffed with qualified professionals with proven track records in design and operations. A very lean professional team with flexibility to expand as the need grows is necessary for sustainable operations.

The creation of a one-stop design firm that satisfies client’s basic concerns on project targets, building statutes, design, cost, quality, and time is a value-added service and remains as a shared vision of TAK.


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