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June 2008
Speaker; Cityscape China Conference, Shanghai

July 2007
Speaker; Datum UIA Regional Forum, Kuala Lumpur

August 2006
Speaker; Malaysian Institute of Architects Design Evening, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

March 2006
Speaker; 17th National Real Estate Convention 2006, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Topic: “Exporting Design Services – Investing in Ideas”

September 2005
Speaker; Seminar on Trends in Property Development and Marketing II, REDHA, Selangor, Malaysia
Topic: “Latest Trends in Building Designs”

June 2005
Speaker; Malaysian Institute of Architects Design Lecture Series, Malaysian Institute of Architect, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Topic: “TAK Projects, A Broad Perspective”

October 2002
Speaker; 18th EAROPH World Planning Congress, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Topic: “Good Urban Governance and Its Relevance to Sustainable Development: The Malaysian Experience”

October 2002
Speaker; workshop on Sustainable Housing Development Building for Future Generations. The Environmental Law Committee of Kuala Lumpur Bar Committee, Malaysia
Topic: “Town Planning and Integrating with the Environment: The Putrajaya Experience”

October 2001
Speaker; International Seminar on Living Cities in the K-Economy
Topic: “Reconciling Economic Development with Sustainable Social and Environment Qualities”

October 2000
Speaker; National Seminar on Sustainable Urbanization and City Planning, Kuching, Malaysia
Topic: “Neo Traditional Neighbourhoods and Its Impact on Sustainable Development”

June 1998
Speaker; Sarawak Investment Seminar, Singapore
Topic: “Investor-friendly Services & Supporting Infrastructure in Kuching”

April 1998
Speaker; Development of Townships in Sarawak, Miri, Malaysia
Topic: “Developing Regional and Town Plan in Highland Areas: A Planner’s Vision”

Speaker; World’s Planners’ Day, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Topic: “Technological and Business Parks – A New Planning Dimension”

Forum Speaker; Singapore Institute of Architects, 4 under 40 Forum, Singapore
Topic: “Urban Design and Its Influences”

Joint-Speaker, Master Builders’ Association, Malaysia Conference
Topic: “Restoration and Preservation: Its Pros and Cons”

Speaker; ACA-SIA-PAM International Architecture Conference, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Topic: “Tourism in Asia”

Student Representative and Speaker for the Harvard Annual Real Estate Advisory Committee Review
Topic: “Santa Teresa 70,000 acres Masterplanning – A Myth or Reality?”


Architectural and planning discourses are key activities that contribute greatly to professional development within the office. TAK maintains an active participation in international forums to contribute and to receive new knowledge that help advance architecture, urban design, and planning. Ar. Teo Ah Khing is a frequent speaker at conferences, seminars, and college lectures on various subjects related to design and architecture.

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