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Managing Director

The company is guided by the visionary leadership of Ar. Teo Ah Khing. In 1993, he envisioned to create a multi-disciplinary practice in the design and property sector by founding Teo A. Khing Design Consultants (TAK).

A graduate of the prestigious Harvard University Graduate School of Design, Ar. Teo has pursued his ambition of unifying eastern values and concepts in planning and design and has stamped his mark in the global arena.

By diversifying planning and design knowledge to suit end user satisfaction and product sustainability, Ar. Teo has transformed the company to become a more dynamic and relevant entity in today’s ever-changing business environment.


TAK is a team company where everyone is a vital cog to the product delivery process. A team of directors provide the technical support and inputs early in the design process with the objective of addressing the physical design requirements comprehensively early on.

Its multi-disciplinary approach to planning and design ensures coverage of both the basic and special needs of the project and client through design workshops under a collaborative environment.

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